Athletics in Cyclades is nowadays highly regarded by the local society and authorities, and it is considered to evolve at a high rate.

EAS SEGAS CYCLADES, in collaboration with the South Aegean Region and many Municipalities of Cyclades, have multiplied the athletic events, track and field races, athletic seminars and athletic conventions. The estimated number of athletes in Cyclades is 2.000, including club athletes and amateurs.

At the moment in Cyclades, there are 13 Athletics Clubs: Panaxiakos, and Naxiakos, A.C. Filoti “Zeus” (Naxos), A.C. Mykonos, Hephaestus Santorini, A.C. Paros, Andriakos, Ajax Tinos & Poseidon Tinos, Pammiliaos and  Hierax Plakon (Milos).

EAS SEGAS CYCLADES mainly focuses at the young ages and attracting them into the athletics. That is developed through the “Kids Athletics Program” which is successfully organised in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education, (Ministry of Education, Directorate of Primary Education in Cyclades)in almost all of the Cycladic islands.

A lot of high caliber Greek athletes compete as members of Athletics Cyclades clubs. Maria Belibasaki, Alexandros Papamichail, Markos Goulias and Andreas Dimitrakis are some of them.

Regarding athletics infrastructure, due to the islands small scale, Cyclades host 4 stadiums, 3 of which with elastic surface.
The most adequate and complete is located in Naxos, with a 6 lane 400 m. elastic surface track and infrastructure of high standards. Mykonos also host a 6 lane 350 m. elastic surface track stadium, which has been recently renovated and has equally good infrastructure. Andros has an 8-lane 400 m. elastic surface stadium, and finally Milos has a 6-lane 400 m. track. Despite the lack of stadiums, athletics is very much present on the rest of our islands, but the meetings are hosted in venues that don’t meet our standards.

Our goal is to increase the number of stadiums and training centers for the benefit of athletics.