Isles of the Small Cyclades

The municipality of Naxos also takes pride in four tiny islands, little gems of the Cyclades: Iraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonissia, Donoussa and Keros making it the one and only polynesian municipality in the Aegean Archipelagos. Since you are on Naxos, take some extra time off and seize the opportunity to explore these beautiful islands.

Some closer to Naxos than others, they all offer something a little different. Of course, one thing they all share in common, are the gorgeous beaches, the long history and a more relaxed, remote holiday experience.

Four of these tiny islands are inhabited and accessible only by sea with the exception of Koufonissia and Schinoussa that each also have a helipad. Besides swimming, one can enjoy trekking, rock climbing and hiking.

The closest island to Naxos is Iraklia, the largest of the Small Cyclades. You can get to Iraklia via the daily local ferry line with a travel time of approximately one hour. Another 1.5 hours will take you to Schinoussa, then to Koufonissia.  Donoussa, the farthest of the group from Naxos, is accessible via the local ferry three times per week with a travel time of about 4.5 hours. In addition, the ferry line (coming from Piraeus) makes the stop at Small Cyclades (via Naxos) several times per week, so do ask your travel agent!

Keros, the only uninhabited island of the Small Cyclades, is of major archaeological importance due to recent excavations, bringing to light magnificent pieces of ancient civilizations.

Do bear in mind that private companies on Naxos provide tours to these and other islands of the Cyclades upon request.