Naxos Portarathlon

From the era of myths and legends to the crossroads of history, Naxos is ready to offer you a unique island experience right in the heart of the Aegean Sea. The largest and most fertile island in the Cyclades complex will charm you from the moment you enter the port, with the awesome ancient Portara imposing the presence of Apollo, the god of light.

With crystal clear waters, sandy beaches scattered around the island, an amazing countryside adorned with ancient trails and traditional little villages, Naxos can appeal to any visitor. Whether you look for an exciting nightlife or cultural treasures and architectural masterpieces dating back in time, Naxos is your choice.

Naxos attracts families and singles alike, both sports and nature lovers, as it provides activities and amenities catering for all needs.

Enjoy the spectacle of PORTARATHLON, the 1st International Combined Events Meeting on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2018 and make sure you also take a few days off to explore Naxos’ beauties!


Nowhere else in Cyclades will you find the diversity and the richness of landscapes and cultural heritage that you can do on Naxos. Both the urban and the rural sceneries are a pleasure to the eye but life on Naxos also appeals to all your senses!

The capital

In Naxos Town, or Chora, as locals call it, you can enjoy yourself whatever your interests are: plenty of sightseeing starting with Portara, the massive ancient marble gateway near the harbour, (after which our event is named!).

Explore Naxos

There is also the archaeological site of the Mycenean city of Grotta- large parts of which are submerged in the sea or lie under the built-up northern section of the town. The Bourgos district (old town) and the kastro area show the medieval history of Chora.

Chora prides on its market as well as on its night life. There are shops and services of every kind supplying visitors with all the local products, items of folk art (fabrics, baskets, ceramics) and jewelry, while its restaurants feature the broadly varied local cuisine. Cafes and bars are abundant to cater for every taste.

The villages…

No stay in Naxos is complete unless you explore Naxos’ exquisite countryside. There are lovely villages with traditional architecture scattered around the island, either on the mountains or by the sea, each with its own local color. You are given the chance to dive into the past, explore nature at its best and meet friendly people ready to welcome you. Enjoy traditional local coffee houses (kafeneia) and taverns wherever you go!

Explore Naxos

Some of the villages worth visiting are

  • Apeiranthos: considered the jewel of Naxos, with its marble alleys, cobbled streets, 2-storey stone houses, vaulted arches and Venetian towers
  • Akadimoi
  • Agios Arsenios
  • Damalas
  • Danakos
  • Tripodes
  • Filoti

Explore Naxos

and the beaches…

Do allow ample time to explore the great number of magnificent beaches all over Naxos! There is one for every taste, all of them with crystal clear waters and golden sand: organized ones with every possible amenity, secluded ones for more privacy, suitable for children or hiking-lovers.

Swimming near ancient sites, medieval towers or next to Chora is also an unforgettable experience on Naxos.

No matter how difficult it is to choose a few, here is a short list, but we are sure you will make yours with your favorite ones during your stay on the island!

  1. Agia Anna
  2. Kalandos
  3. Panormos
  4. Orkos
  5. Moutsouna
  6. Agiassos
  7. Agioi Theodoroi
  8. Agios Georgios
  9. Agios Prokopios
  10. Azalas