Avance car rental.

For more than 20 years Avance provides excellent services of the highest quality and constantly upgrades them.

Avance is supporting Portarathlon and contribute to the success of a major athletic event in Cyclades.

Regional e-news Sponsor
Naxospress is a diversified media and information services news site of the region of Cyclades.
“We are Proud to be the e-news sponsor of a Decathlon and Heptathlon Event with Elite Athletes from all over Europe.”

aegean voice

Regional Radio Sponsor
Aegean Voice is a radio station known as the new voice of Cyclades.
“We want to add our voice and say out loud that Portarathlon is the new big combined event in Europe and we are happy that it will take place in the region of Cyclades islands.”


Regional Radio Sponsor
Infotainment Radio Network.
“The voice of our radio will become the voice of Portarathlon. Aiming to make Portarathlon Decathlon and Heptathlon meeting one of the best in Europe.”


Regional Media Sponsor Sports Website.
Sportscyclades website is focused on promoting Sports in the Region.
“We are excited to support Portarathlon the first International Combined Sports Event in Greece.”

First-hand, objective news of the Aegean,Cyclades, Naxos.
A dynamic news website with journalist coverage in full, in-depth reporting, photos and videos.
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naxostimes.gr: the first and the best!
naxostimes.gr greets «Portarathlon», a sports event considered to be developed as the most important of the island! Our website is committed to do its best to promote  Portarathlon, contributing thus to its success with reports, photos and videos.

cafe-xovoli naxos

Kafe Chovoli at Hora Naxou welcomes PORTARATHLON and will be present during the event to offer the best coffee in the island and many more such as snack, sandwiches, soft drinks, juices etc.

scirocco-restaurant na

Since opening in 1995 on the Greek island of Naxos, Scirocco has become somewhat of an institution in Naxos not to be missed. Behind the scenes mama Katerina creates her favorite dishes, which luckily for you, she shares with more than just her family. Her sons, Nikos and Michalis, will make sure that you feel right at home, just like they do. You will want to come again, in fact, you may never want to leave.

koutelieris naxos

Koutelieris Markets is the largest supermarket chain on Naxos Island with four stores in different places. Everything the consumers need is at their disposal: From grocery, pastry, bakery and others. What’s more, in Koutelieris’ supermarkets you will find a wide variety of local products such as cheese, meat, honey, sweets, jams and much more.

naxos trade association

Naxos Trade & Business Association was founded in 1926. It is one of the largest and oldest in Cyclades, with 700 active members. Since its setting up, it has been operating continuously until today with a short pause during the junta years (1967 to 1974). Nowadays, Naxos Trade & Business Association has taken remarkable action not only regarding the corporative interests of Naxos professionals, but also regarding social issues of the island by participating and submitting its opinions and recommendations on all matters that concern the welfare of Naxos’ citizens.

naxos hotels

The Naxos Filoxenia Restaurants Association will take care of the warm hospitality of the athletes, coaches and organizers of Portarathlon, a great event that promotes the island.

blue star ferries

BLUE STAR FERRIES is a member of Attica Group, which engages in passenger shipping and operates a total of 15 ships that provide modern, high quality transportation services in Greece and abroad. Acting on the principles of responsible entrepreneurship, social awareness and giving, BLUE STAR FERRIES support PORTARATHLON by transporting athletes and coaches as well as sports officials from Piraeus to Naxos and vice versa.

fast ferries

Fast Ferries provides high quality ferry service, in accordance with the company’s culture which means safe, fast, comfortable and reliable trips to the Greek Islands. It operates two modern vessels, Theologos P. and Ekaterini P. connecting Rafina (Attica) with Andros, Tinos and Mykonos and Naxos. Contributing to the development and prosperity of the islands, Fast Ferries supports “Portarathlon” by transporting athletes and coaches as well as sports officials from Rafina Port to Naxos and vice versa.