Naxos can easily place itself among the best gastronomic Mediterranean destinations.

With its rich tradition in dairy and meat products, its exquisite potato production thanks to the particular elements of its soil, as well as its variety of citrus fruit, its cuisine definitely is one to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. The seafood is always fresh and cooked in many different Naxian-style ways!

Naxos Gastronomy

Try the local recipes, served in traditional restaurants and taverns all around the island and indulge in sweets, based on honey and fruits. Don’t miss the unique local varieties of wine and liqueur!

Naxos Products

The quality and the variety of Naxian products are remarkable. From wines to meat and dairy products and from fruit to honey, no one should leave the island without tasting the local varieties and products. The remarkable weather conditions, its fertile land and its ancient traditions in cultivation and seeds make every mouthful a source of pleasure. The pure ingredients combined with recipes passed from one generation to another guarantee a unique gastronomic experience.

Naxos Gastronomy

Top on the list, the local cheese varieties and the citrus liqueur (sweet beverage with alcohol, scented with citrus)!

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