PORTARTHLON cares for the environment!

PORTARTHLON, as an International Combined Events Meeting registered in the European Calendar, tries its best to comply with IAAF’s guidelines concerning the protection of the environment and sustainable development.

According to the following principles, organizers are committed towards making the event environmentally sustainable:

  1. Athletic events must have the minimum environmental footprint
  2. Athletes are role models for people but also participants in any role (organizers, volunteers, sponsors, officials, etc) ought to set an example, promoting environmental awareness as regards recycling, protection and sustainable development.

Questions that are posed to all people involved in PORTARATHLON are important:

Can athletics reduce its environmental footprint?

Can athletics contribute to making sustainable development a popular issue?

These specific starting points lead to the adoption of an eco-friendly behavior, which includes among others:

  • Avoiding waste of energy and water
  • Travel as efficiently as possible
  • Keeping printing for the event to a minimum
  • Dispose of waste properly (e.g. using the recycling bins)
  • Never leaving behind worn-out or damaged equipment (shoes, clothing, various accessories) in the stadium
  • Never throwing away empty bottles, packaging or food waste in the stadium seats.

PORTARATHLON declares its commitment both to the aforementioned actions ant to organizing future activities to “green up” the event: among others, tree planting to balance the CO2 emissions of athletes’ travelling, public awareness campaigns in cooperation with the education community and athletics clubs, like  “Get recycling into Play”, environmental news competitions.

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